Professional Drummer & Educator

Websites I Highly Recommend

Here are some useful Links, Books, Instructional DVD's and Resources that have helped and benefited me over the years and perhaps you might find handy. This page will constantly be updated so please stop by often to check what's new.




The Drum Tuning Bible

Rhythm of the Head - Georg Voros

Linear Drumming - Mike Johnston

Idiots Guide to Drumming - Michael Miller

Stick Control - George Lawrence Stone

New Breed - Gary Chester


Back to Basics - Dave Weckl

The Next Step - Dave Weckl

Groove Essentials - Tommy Igoe

Groove Essentials 2.0 - Tommy Igoe

Great Hands for a Lifetime - Tommy Igoe

Creative Control - Thomas Lang

Creative Co - Ordination - Thomas Lang

Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer - Jo Jo Mayer

Drum Set Technique - Steve Smith

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