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Thanks to all the management and staff at Paul Bothner Music, Roland South Africa and Musical Distributors for all your support and excellent service that you have given to me and my bands Absolutely Fabulous Duo and Almost Famous over the past 10 years. Special thanks to Roy Viljoen, Carel Van Heerden, Newton Wetter, Jerome Da Silva, John Van Niekerk Roy Davids,Justin Sheard and Marc Klein.

I am a South African Roland V DRUMS AMBASSADOR and I have always been a technology 'JUNKIE'. Since my introduction to the drum kit in 1988 I have always played a fully electronic kit or incorporated a 'HYBRID' electronic solution into my playing set up. From the early days of Simmons and Dynacord pads to the 1st Roland Electronic kits and V DRUM Kits I have used them all including the ROLAND TD-4 TD-6 TD 10-TD-9 TD-12 and TD- 30 and as of May 2017 I play the Flagship TD-50. Fortunate to be the first drummer in South Africa to get the TD-50 Digital Pack

In the last 8 Years my musical situation has changed to the point where I 99% percent of the time perform exclusively on Roland V - DRUMS with my two bands ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS DUO and ALMOST FAMOUS BAND 

I PERFORM OVER 200 GIGS PER YEAR USING THE ROLAND FLAGSHIP TD-50 Digital Pack which include the new TD-50 Module, PD-140DS Digital Snare and CY-18DR Digital Ride Cymbal incorporating the SPD sx SAMPLER into my set up as well.


I have been playing on Iron Cobra Kick Single and Double Pedals and Hi Hats Stands since 1997. I currently use a P900 Double Pedal, 2 x P900 Single pedals, 1x R900 Single Pedal and a HH915N Iron Cobra Hi Hat Stand

I have South African Mapex drums endorsement through Musical Distributors. I have been playing Mapex drums for about 11 years now. I own almost every kit that Mapex makes including an Orion (My Baby) a Saturn, a Meridian Maple that is completely triggered which I use with Almost Famous, I have 2 Meridian Birch kits and 2x QR kits that I use in my teaching studio. All my kits are a 6-piece Studioease configuration, and they vary in drum sizes from 8’ up to 16’ floor toms. I also use the Black Panther range as a secondary snare drum.

I also am endorsed by Zildjian cymbals and sticks in South Africa through Musical Distributors in Cape Town. I have been playing Zildjian cymbals basically my whole playing career. I am quite a gear junkie. I absolutely love both the Mapex and Zildjian brands! I have a large cymbal set up and play with 3 sets of Hi Hats, 3 Crashes, 3 Chinas, 3 Splashes and a 22' Ride. I play a combination of Zildjian K Custom, A Custom, EFX cymbals, a Z3 Ride, Oriental China's and A Armand cymbals.

I use Aquarian RESPONSE ll black coated heads on my toms, coated Hi Energy skins on my snare drums and SUPERKICK 2 skins on my Kick Drums. I also have a KICKPORT installed on each of my bass drums (One of the best inventions ever). Special thanks to Bert, Megan and Amanda at BK Percussion for the Aquarian endorsement.

I also use LP Percussion cow bells, foot cow bells, wood blocks, chimes, tambourines, and drum set Timbales as accessories on my various kits. I have recently added the Street Metal EFX range to my percussion set up. 


Almost Famous Band & Absolutely Fabulous Duo are powered by PROEL Sound Systems including PA System, 16 Channel Desk, Stage Monitors and In Ear Monitoring.